Two of our Physiotherapists (Carrie Smith & Nicole Hawken) have a passionate interest in the world of Animal Rehabilitation. So much so, that they have recently opened up their very own clinic right next door to Kemptville Physiotherapy Centre! Carrie and Nicole are both Registered Physiotherapists who have undergone specialized training to learn the anatomy and physiology of animals with a strong focus on canines. They use this knowledge combined with their physiotherapy skills and techniques to improve the quality of life of our four-legged friends. Like Physiotherapy, Animal Rehabilitation is an evidence-based practice.


Initial Assessment consists of a thorough health history as well as a physical evaluation including gait analysis, active movements, range of motion and function of the whole body. Since animals use four legs it is important to consider both the front and hind end when assessing an injury. Like Physiotherapy, the assessment helps the therapist to identify problem areas related to the injury and helps to form a treatment plan of action.


Treatment may involve a variety of techniques such as:

  • manual therapy

  • soft tissue techniques


  • acupuncture/ intramuscular stimulation

  • electrostimulation

  • exercise + education

  • myofascial release techniques


Common conditions treated with Animal Rehabilitation include: acute injury, pain, joint dysfunction, neurological injuries, athletic injuries, changes in mobility, post-surgical rehabilitation and degenerative disease such as arthritis to name a few.