Recovering from a concussion can be an incredibly overwhelming, and frustrating process. These days it seems like there is an endless stream of information and opinions for this type of injury, but not enough consistent guidance on what to do. Should you sit in a dark room? Should you completely rest and not look at any screens? Should you venture outdoors? We understand your frustration, and your fears. We love educating our patients, and believe in its important role in concussion recovery. Our Physiotherapists use current, evidence based practices to guide you through your recovery. We help you to regain your confidence while transitioning back to your life, whether you are an athlete, a couch potato, or anything in between.

We also offer Baseline Testing for athletes at the beginning of their sport’s season, before a concussion occurs. This is designed to take specific measurements for how the brain performs without a concussion. Then, if a concussion does occur during the season, a comparison can be made so we can safely and confidently assist the athlete in their return to sport.

BASELINE TESTING | The first, and by far the most important step in properly managing concussions comes before the injury happens. Actually, before the season even starts! A “baseline test” is a test that is done BEFORE a concussion happens.

The purpose of a baseline test is to measure every area of brain function which could become affected following a concussion. This way, if an athlete does get a concussion, we can compare their post-injury state to their baseline parameters to help make an accurate diagnosis, as well as to establish when they are fully healthy and are safe to return to their sport. Without these baseline parameters we have no way of determining when the brain has fully recovered.

 CONCUSSION REHABILITATION | Rest is extremely important immediately after injury. A concussion is considered an energy deficit inside the brain, complete with ion imbalances and blood flow abnormalities. Rest has two very important features when it comes to concussion. First, it keeps the athlete from putting themselves in harms way until they have recovered sufficiently to avoid a devastating second injury. Secondly, rest allows the athlete to get a jump-start on their recovery so that all available energy is allocated to helping recover imbalanced brain cells. It is really important to note that rest doesn’t mean spending all of your time in a dark room. Your Physiotherapist will help to guide you through this process.

Concussion recovery is very individual and our Physiotherapists are trained to help you move from one stage in recovery to the next while explaining this process and what to expect.

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