Your physiotherapist will greet you in the waiting area and escort you into our private pelvic health treatment room.  Your first visit will be about 60-minutes in length.

ONE-On-ONe discussion

Your physiotherapist will review your medical history with you to clarify anything, or to ask more in-depth questions.  You and your physiotherapist will have a private discussion about your current symptoms.  You will have an opportunity to talk about any other relevant information. 


Your physiotherapist will then begin the assessment.  They will examine your general movement and alignment, and - if you are comfortable - an internal (vaginal and/or ano-rectal) assessment of your pelvic floor muscles.  Your physiotherapist will talk you through each aspect of the internal exam and will ensure that you are aware of what she is doing at all times.  The exam is generally quick and painless.  You will be able to stop the exam at any time if you feel uncomfortable; you are also welcome to bring someone into the room with you if you wish.


After the examination, your Physiotherapist will discuss their findings with you.  Together you will develop a treatment plan based on your personal goals.  This plan will outline your personal goals as well as the frequency of treatments required to reach these goals. You can expect the treatment to begin the day of the initial assessment. 

Our front desk team will help to schedule your appointments so that we can assure that you are receiving the highest level are care and ensure that you meet your goals!